Strahan Tasmania


Strahan Tasmania ,which includes Macquarie Harbour, Sarah Island and the Gordon River,can be described as one  of the loneliest and most isolated places in Southern Australia.

Strahan Harbour Tasmania - Gordon River cruises leave from here

Strahan is a most spectacularly beautiful harbour at the end of the world.

Located 298 km west of Hobart and 41 km from Queenstown, Strahan Tasmania lies on the edge of the unspoiled beauty of Macquarie Harbour. It is the last outpost of civilisation on the west coast and surely one of the loneliest places on earth.


Take in the Wilderness – Strahan is a must visit Tasmanian Experience Destination. Perhaps the most famous activity is the Gordon River Cruise that takes in Macquarie Habour and the Lower Gordon River. This is a unmissable cruise in Good or Bad weather.

A short drive from Strahan, Tasmania is the famous Ocean Beach with a huge expanse of sandy beach and views of the Southern Ocean. When the breeze hits your face it is either from Antarctica or South America.  This wind swept beach is a truly wild area.